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Association for the promotion of research and treatment of NBIA diseases

We want to make NBIA diseases curable.

NBIA diseases are like Parkinson's and dementia in childhood.

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We support those affected and their families.

Hoffnungsbaum e.V. - We want to make NBIA diseases curable.

In simple terms, NBIA diseases can be thought of as a mixture of Parkinson's disease and childhood dementia. In affected children, this manifests itself in progressive movement and developmental disorders. They gradually lose their motor skills and suffer severe, painful muscle spasms (dystonia). Depending on the NBIA disease, dementia, severe epilepsy and various other symptoms may also occur. More info

NBIA diseases usually begin in childhood and adolescence, have hardly been researched and are still incurable. Those affected often die young. Hoffnungsbaum e. V. is committed to international research funding in order to give NBIA sufferers and their families hope for better treatment and a cure that has not yet been found. We need your support - donate now!

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What is NBIA?

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