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Association for the promotion of research and treatment of NBIA diseases.

We want to make NBIA diseases curable.

NBIA disorders are like Parkinson's disease and childhood dementia.

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We support those affected and their families.

Hoffnungsbaum e.V. - we want to make NBIA diseases curable.

NBIA disorders can be simplified as a mixture of Parkinson's disease and dementia in childhood. In affected children, this manifests itself in progressive movement and developmental disorders. They gradually lose their motor skills and suffer severe, painful muscle spasms (dystonia). In addition, depending on the NBIA variant, dementia, severe epilepsy and various other symptoms develop. More info

The diseases usually start in childhood and adolescence, have hardly been researched yet and so far progress incurably. Affected people often die young. Hoffnungsbaum e. V. is committed to international research funding in order to give NBIA-affected people and their families hope for better therapies and, as yet, missing cures. We need your support - donate now!

The association Hoffnungsbaum e.V.

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What is NBIA?

Here you can find info about the individual NBIA diseases.

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Radfahren für BPAN-Forschung – Million Dollar Bike Ride 2023

Auch in diesem Jahr sammelt der Million Dollar Bike Ride (MDBR) der University of Pennsylvania in...

International NBIA Symposium held in Switzerland in October 2022

2020 fand das letzte NBIA-Wissenschaftlertreffen pandemiebedingt nur online statt. Im Oktober 2022...

Two MPAN project grants totaling $140,000 awarded.

Hoffnungsbaum e.V. has, in conjunction with three sister organizations in Europe and the USA, developed two...

Mulled wine stand in aid of Hoffnungsbaum and Team Bananenflanke

The Sandbox Friends, Melanie Schratzenstaller, Michael Bogner, Stephan Thalhammer, Stefan Huber,...

8th International Symposium on NBIA in Switzerland

NBIA scientists will meet to share their research Oct. 13-15 in...

Research project leads to a stem cell model of FAHN

A team of German scientists who received a 2020 grant from the NBIA Disorders Association...

Pilot Grant of $69,775 announced for BPAN research.

The Million Dollar Bike Ride 2022 (Learn more about this fundraiser) raised $69,775 in...

NBIA Family Conference 2022 postponed!

Hoffnungsbaum e.V. wanted in September 2022 in the youth hostel of Heilbronn the 9....

July 6, 2022, Online Lecture: Myofasciotomy - a minimally invasive treatment for shortened muscles.

NBIA disorders are often associated with limited range of motion, changing muscle tension and...


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