PKAN - Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration.

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News about PKAN

Here you will find current information on the NBIA variant PKAN.

PKAN study with CoA-Z completed in the USA

Die Oregon Health & Science University in Portland (USA) hat von 2019 bis 2022 mit einem neuen Präparat namens „CoA-Z“ zur Behandlung von PKAN eine erste klinische Studie für PKAN-Patienten in den USA durchgeführt. Dieser erste Studienteil wurde inzwischen...

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PKAN drug screening at Yale University.

PKAN drug screening at Yale University.

A new one-year PKAN research project has been underway at Yale University, New Haven (USA) since July 2021 under the leadership of Professor Choukri Ben Mamoun. The project, entitled: "A High-Throughput Screening for PKAN-Revising Agents," will be conducted in the...

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