CoA Therapeutics bricht Klinische Studie für PKAN ab

Übersetzung eines englischen Artikels von Amber Denton, Präsidentin der NBIA Disorders...

Update on the CoA-Z clinical trial

Over the past few months, the OHSU CoA-Z study team has shared the initial study results with all...

NBIA International Scientific Conference in Poland

On October 19 and 20, 2023, a BPAN workshop, an NBIA Alliance meeting, was held in Warsaw, Poland....

Videos of the NBIA Family Conference 2023 in the USA online

For the first time since the pandemic, the NBIA Disorders Association held the 12th International...

Insights into BPAN research at the family conference in the USA

BPAN families attending the NBIA Disorders Association (NBIADA) Family Conference in May in...

MDBR sets donation record and makes 2 scholarships possible

This year, the "NBIA Disorders" team and NBIA families have been involved in the Million Dollar Bike...

BPAN researcher develops stem cell model and awaits funding for planned drug screening

Dr. Paul Lockhart of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, says that...

Dates and events

Here you will find current dates, but also reports on events that have already taken place.

8th International Symposium on NBIA in Switzerland

8th International Symposium on NBIA in Switzerland

NBIA scientists will meet to share their research from October 13-15 in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the 8th International NBIA Symposium. More than 20 scientists and physicians from all over the world will present the results of their NBIA projects in...

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NBIA Family Conference 2022 postponed!

Hoffnungsbaum e.V. wanted to host the 9th NBIA Family Conference in Germany in September 2022 at the Heilbronn Youth Hostel. We were very much looking forward to finally being able to get an in-person meeting of NBIA families again after two years of pandemic.

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Call for proposals on MPAN research open by May 2, 2022

Call for proposals on MPAN research open by May 2, 2022

Associazione Italiana Sindromi Neurodegenerative da Accumulo di Ferro (AISNAF, Italy), Hoffnungsbaum e.V. (HoBa, Germany), NBIA Disorders Association (NBIADA, USA), and Stichting Ijzersterk (The Netherlands) are soliciting the submission of research projects by...

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