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Most of the members of our association are parents of affected children or other close relatives of affected relatives. In addition, there are people interested in the topic of NBIA because they have friends with affected children or deal with NBIA diseases professionally. Member of the association Hoffnungsbaum e.V. anyone who has the Association goals and wants to support the work of the association actively or only passively through his membership fee. The members of the association are continuously informed about research results and other innovations in the field of NBIA and about the association's activities. Of course, every member can also participate in club activities. Our goal is to address as many interested people as possible through membership and to win them over to the goals of the association in order to plant as many "trees of hope" for the future of the people affected by the disease.

Membership dues

Since 1 Jan 2020, the Contribution Regulations envisaged:

  • Normal contribution: €25/year
  • reduced contribution: €12.50/year
    for the unemployed, recipients of basic income support or similar benefits, pensioners, students, trainees, employees in the FSJ/Federal Voluntary Service
  • no contribution for those affected by NBIA disease

The membership fees are mainly intended to finance the administrative work of the association, while incoming donations are to be used as exclusively as possible to finance the actual goals of the association (in particular research funding). You can find information about the use of the donations at Research funding.

To make you a member of Hoffnungsbaum e.V. in order to be able to take in, we need a completed and signed Declaration of accession. Please send them to us by post and read our Contribution Regulations and Statute.

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