News from Maya and the MPAN fundraising campaign

from | January 28, 2019

In December, we had the Fundraising campaign by the Matthiesen family for the benefit of MPAN research. Maya herself actively supports this crowdfunding campaign, which was launched by her parents shortly after her diagnosis.

Together with her older brother, she produced this touching video. In it, she thanks the people who have donated at Christmas - also on behalf of and with numerous pictures of many other MPAN sufferers around the world. These donations are intended to help uncover the exact disease mechanisms that lead to the illness and to find therapies for MPAN that can halt the progression of the disease. Like all NBIA diseases, MPAN is currently incurable.

Since the end of November, more than 10,000 euros have been credited to the donation account of Hoffnungsbaum for the benefit of MPAN-Forschung e.V. in order to get closer to this goal. The start has been made...

Many thanks also from us at the Hoffnungsbaum head office to all donors!

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