Mulled wine stand in aid of Hoffnungsbaum and Team Bananenflanke

from | December 22, 2022

The Sandbox Friends, Melanie Schratzenstaller, Michael Bogner, Stephan Thalhammer, Stefan Huber, Ramona Klement and Lisa Kaltenecker, from Eberspoint (south of Landshut) organized a mulled wine stand for charity again on the first weekend in December after a break of two years.

The sandbox friends with banana flanker

Melanie Aigner is the speech therapist of my son Laurin, who has BPAN. So I am very happy that this year the six friends will donate half of the proceeds of the sale to Team Bananenflanke Landshut e.V. and half to Team Bananenflanke Landshut e.V.. Hoffnungsbaum e.V. will be donated. In total about 2800 € came together and Hoffnungsbaum received 1400 € for BPAN research. We also enjoyed the nice atmosphere at the booth with campfire very much. Many, many thanks for this great fundraiser!

Team Bananenflanke is an innovative soccer project especially for children with mental disabilities. Emotions are awakened through experiential educational influences, which help to develop personality and social skills. The Bananenflanke kickers also train regularly in Landshut under professional guidance in their team Bananenflanke Landshut e.V.. The matches/tournaments are played on mobile Street-Soccer-Courts. Venues are public places to bring the sport where it belongs: in the middle of society. The motto was: soccer knows no borders! More info at:

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