Cycling for BPAN - Million Dollar Bike Ride 2021

from | May 6, 2021

It's that time again: Until June 12, 2021, the 8th edition of the Million Dollar Bike Ride (MDBR) of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Due to the pandemic, this charity bike race will again not only take place in the USA, but virtually all over the world! This gives us in Germany the chance to be there again. Be it only by collecting donations or by actually cycling along, having fun and at the same time drawing attention to NBIA and especially BPAN with photos.

This year, over 40 different organizations are participating and the NBIA variant BPAN will again be represented by our partner organization NBIA Disorders Association (NBIA DA) in the USA.

The interesting thing about the MDBR is that the donations collected are doubled by the University of Pennsylvania if the amount is between US$ 20,000 and 30,000. Last year, a research grant for BPAN in the amount of US$ 71,471 was awarded to the University of Groningen (Netherlands). A team of researchers there will investigate causes of disruption of certain processes in cells affected by BPAN, i.e., help to better understand how BPAN develops:

Our goal is to exceed the US$20,000 mark again in 2021 together with NBIA DA to kick off another new research project!

Impressions of the Million Dollar Bike Rides so far and the donations raised:

Video: NBIA DA,

Markus Nielbock, second chairman of Hoffnungsbaum e.V., has again registered the "Team BPAN Germany", which will start with Hoffnungsbaum . From now on, you are all called upon to become part of this team with friends, relatives, acquaintances, celebrities, athletes, colleagues, sponsors,... without extra registration and to cycle for BPAN research and collect donations. Encourage people in your environment to join in. Start actions in your environment and draw attention to BPAN. Post photos and videos on social media to draw attention to the action under the hashtags: #pennmedmdbr2021 and #TeamBPANGermany or on Twitter and Instagram @MDBRide4Rare and on Facebook @milliondollarbikeride. Use in photos and videos our Team BPAN Germany poster. You can also send us pictures, for publication on this page or on our Team website.

Please send the donations directly to Hoffnungsbaum with the note "Team BPAN Germany". Hoffnungsbaum will then transfer them collectively to our partner organization NBIA Disorders Association (NBIA DA). We are very confident that with your support and together with the NBIA DA we will exceed the mark of US $ 20,000 and reach again a doubling of the donation amount.

The contact person for the "Team BPAN Germany" website is Markus Nielbock:

Please send donations directly to our donation account with the note "Team BPAN Germany": DE67 3305 0000 305979

Milly and Laurin were on the road for BPAN research!
Photos: Markus Nielbock, Noah Rusch

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